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In the 1850s, the British realized that in order to strengthen their grasp with India, they needed to create an appropriate education institute “" to create a class of persons - Indian in Blood and color but English in opinions, in morals and intellect”.

Officially established in 1875, the first student, Maharaja Mangal Singh of Alwar, would arrive on to school on an elephant on daily basis. There was only a three and a half month holiday to get relief from the summer heat. Depending on the boy’s background, class and amount of valuables he owned (servants, horses, food items, etc), the fees were entirely based upon that. Sporting activities included polo, riding, athletics, cricket, hockey, target shooting, rounders, football and several Indian games. If any of the students caused any serious offences, they would be locked away for a certain amount of time away from other students.

As the years have gone, the Mayo College has been recognized as one of the most successful schools in India. With professional staff from all around the globe and students who have accomplished impressive goals and established good careers, Mayo College has made a profound difference to the livelihood of India.

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Information about Mayo College, India